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Suntec Oil & Fuel Pump

Suntec Oil & Fuel Pump can be obtained in different specifications to suit precise application needs. This pumping solution is offered in medium, low and high burner capacity based design. Black in color, this compact shaped pump can be installed easily. It consists of parts like pressure regulator that has mechanical cut off arrangement and in built pressure regulator to control flow level of fuel having different viscosity range. Electric pre heater of this Suntec Oil & Fuel Pump is used to manage high viscosity oil. This user friendly pump is reckoned for its low operation charge, fuel efficient mechanism, excellent strength, ability to work under high temperature condition and high flow rate. Design of all its parts conforms to global standards.


1) Provided pump can be operated under harsh working environment where high temperature is a common factor.
2) Pressure regulator of this pump can handle different fuels irrespective of their viscosity range.
3) Easy to operate, install and maintain.
High flow level.