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Riello Burners

Riello Burners are available in one stage, two stage and modulating structure based options. Accessible in different models, these oil or gas fuelled burners deserve praise for their low emission rate, minimal noise generation and low operating cost. Operation of these burners is regulated by their built in control box. Components and spare accessories of these burners vary as per different models. Riello Burners comprise of necessary parts like air pressure switch, air damper, motor internal thermal protection section, burner on/off switch and ionization probe to detect flame etc. Motor design and rotational speed of these burners depend on their design and application type. These low emission burners are mainly used for boilers fuelled by hot water, steam and overheated water.


1) Several models of these burners support NOx technology for better performance.
2) Eco friendly mechanism, application of low noise motor and fan.
3) Monoblock type version of these burners is convenient to install as all necessary parts are fitted in a single unit.
4) Low operating charge.