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Air Duct Burners, Commercial Hot Water Boiler, Dual Fuel Burners, Light Oil Burners, Modulating Gas Burner and many more products, that are worthy of investment, are found here.

About Us
Companies wanting to succeed in business often choose the wrong path like they start delivering products which are low quality, trading of products which do not have assurance of working properly, charging a high amount for the product, etc. But not all companies wanting to succeed chose wrong path. Companies like Ambica Internationals is one of them. We always walk on the right path to gain a strong foothold and earn success. We never deliver to our customers such products which are low in quality or unreasonably priced.

Serving as a supplier and trader of Air Duct Burners, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Commercial Hot Water Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Dual Fuel Burners since 2005, we have grown step-by-step in the industry. We have expert people to work for the company and achieve company's goals. Currently, we have 08 employees all of whom are dedicated to do their work with sincerity and focus.

Our Commitment
It is our commitment to always provide our clients high-in-quality goods which not only function perfectly but also are well-designed. Since we have committed this to our customers, we make sure that  quality products are being purchased from vendors.

What Are We Perfect In?
At Ambica Internationals, we feel we are perfect in a lot of things. But we have short-listed only a few and pen down down below:
  • Storing- We are perfect in storing Air Duct Burners, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, along with a host of other mechanisms. For stocking all these, we have a well-developed warehouse in Ahmedabad. Each of the item as per its design and functionality is placed together in our unit.
  • Meeting Bulk Demands of Customers- We meet our customers mass product requirement by sourcing from our vendors in bulk and storing in our warehouse.
  • Dealing- We deal very clearly with our customers so that in the future no confusion arises. We stick to the promises made and never breach them.

Our Business Associates

Since we are a supplying and trading company, we focus on the purchase of Air Duct Burners, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Hot Water Boiler, Dual Fuel Burners, Serving Hot Water Boiler, Modulating Gas Burner, Light Oil Burners, Monoblock Gas Burners, Heavy Oil Burners, Dual Fuel Burners and many more products. Having a great knowledge of this domain, we have been dealing with only those companies which have large production line and ability to create smart in technology products as per industry standards.

Serving Since 2005
Experience is one of those factors on the basis of which clients decide whether a company is worth dealing or not. Ticking one from many factors in our list of why customers deal with us is experience. Yes, we are a highly experienced company. We have 12+ years of experience in this industry. In these years, we have gained a lot of information on how deals are made, etc. Also, so many years of experience in this domain gives us the strength to compete even with long-standing companies.

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